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Sep 28 2011

Update 9-27-11

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Kate and I on her birthday on September 17, 2011. Yeah my hair is longer. I am doing good so far. I saw Dr. Ellis this month and everything looked good. He said no more CT testing on my chest necessary since I have past the 5 year mark on the bone caner. He said […]

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Jan 04 2011

First Hair Cut

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Got my first hair cut tonight.  My stylist did a wonderful job for what I have at this point.  I am still wishing for my hair back.  I feel naked without it and my head is so cold in the winter. My energy level still gets better everyday. I have finally feel good enough to […]

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Mar 05 2010

Head Shots

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I am doing good today.  Just a bit tired.  Getting ready for my third round of chemo next week.  I had some energy to take a few shots today.  I know some where hoping I would share.  I really can’t believe I am doing this.  I really hope that by sharing everything including photos would […]

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Feb 10 2010

Hair is Gone

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It was a tough day, yesterday.  I woke up in the morning and decided not to wash my hair knowing that I was attempting to get it cut.  I brushed it very little just to make it look as nice as possible and had to clean the brush out three times.  Hair was falling on […]

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Feb 07 2010

The Hair

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Today is the day I noticed more than normal hair coming out after my shower this morning.  Last time, I noticed my hair starting to fall out by two weeks after my first chemo.  The doctor said I should have it for a few weeks but it is not looking good.   It will be two […]

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