Feb 07 2010

The Hair

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Today is the day I noticed more than normal hair coming out after my shower this morning.  Last time, I noticed my hair starting to fall out by two weeks after my first chemo.  The doctor said I should have it for a few weeks but it is not looking good.   It will be two weeks this coming Wednesday from the first day of chemo.  This evening I noticed my scalp getting sore – which is normal with the hair loss in this situation.  I am starting to get worried a little knowing that that fateful day is coming when it will be all gone.

A visit to the hair salon is in my future here this week most likely.    Stay tuned . . . . I may add some photos.

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One Response to “The Hair”

  1. gurbanekon 08 Feb 2010 at 1:17 pm

    With or without hair you are still a pretty lady inside and out…
    It will grow back as you know it will and it may even come in alot thicker than last time.

    You just need to hang in there and get BETTER for your family and “friend”, thats the main thing right now.

    Take care and follow all doctors orders!!!

    Love, Gwen

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