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Nov 09 2011

Update 11-9-11

Visited Dr. Goodman for my leg on 10-4-11 for a three month follow up due to my leg x-ray not looking so good in June. In June, he had given me a CT and blood work (for infection). He said that my X-ray of my leg did not look so good in June and again […]

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Sep 28 2011

Update 9-27-11

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Kate and I on her birthday on September 17, 2011. Yeah my hair is longer. I am doing good so far. I saw Dr. Ellis this month and everything looked good. He said no more CT testing on my chest necessary since I have past the 5 year mark on the bone caner. He said […]

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Jan 21 2010


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Due to the fact that I have had two cancers by 40 and breast cancer by 40 were two reasons to have my doctors suggest genetic counseling.  On December 18th, I went to Hillman Cancer Center in Pittsburgh to talk with a counselor and have testing which is done by taking some blood.   They tested […]

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Jan 20 2010

PET CT Scan Day

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My mother-in-law graciously agreed to go with me on the day’s adventures as a designated driver.  I was nervous about the PET CT Scan that I had scheduled for today.   We headed to Fox Chapel to see my surgeon, Dr. Goldstein,  for surgery follow up at 8:20 am.  She said everything looked great and as […]

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