Nov 09 2011

Update 11-9-11

Visited Dr. Goodman for my leg on 10-4-11 for a three month follow up due to my leg x-ray not looking so good in June. In June, he had given me a CT and blood work (for infection). He said that my X-ray of my leg did not look so good in June and again in October. The X-ray shows different density’s of the bone. He actually said there was no change from June but said he definitely does not look good. He said that he was comfortable with seeing me in a year this time due to me have no pain and the other tests have been negative. In the past, I have had throbbing pain in different parts of the leg.

There are several things that the bone change could mean:
1) The prosthesis glue is coming loose
2) Cancer
3) Infection

If the prosthesis comes loose, they have open up and redo everything. If it is cancer, I am not really sure, maybe have my leg cut off. Infection could mean either or both of the previous mentioned points. Yes, I do have a fear of getting my leg cut off. I try to walk flat and be very safe with activities due to this. No skiing, ice-skating, etc . . .
To risky for me. Not worth loosing my leg over it.

Here is an inspiring video about a guy who was born with no legs and arms. I guess if I had to loose my leg it would not be so bad, but still don’t want to do it.

I could run, ski, skate and do many other things but I still want my leg.

Here is a photo of my leg from 2006.

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