Sep 28 2011

Update 9-27-11

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Kate and I on her birthday on September 17, 2011. Yeah my hair is longer. I am doing good so far. I saw Dr. Ellis this month and everything looked good. He said no more CT testing on my chest necessary since I have past the 5 year mark on the bone caner. He said that continually giving me those tests could give me cancer. Still makes me nervous because you never know if it is going to go to your lung.

Will be seeing Dr. G at Shadyside for my leg follow up early next month. I saw him in June and he was very concerned about my leg. The X ray showed that the bone had again changed. Uggh. My leg is not hurting me at all though. In June he gave me a CT on my right leg and some blood work to test for infection. All was clear. I just hope and pray that they do not have to rip everything out in my leg and reinstall or worse cut my leg off.

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