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May 19 2010

Chemo Over

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Last Wednesday was my last day of chemo. Did not have the opportunity to speak to any other patients. Had a fever over the weekend but made it through. I feel great today being a week out. I am thankful for many prayers and support of many people in my life. I will be starting […]

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Apr 26 2010

The Weekend

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This past weekend was my chemo weekend as I call it. It usually hits me hard and I look and feel like I cannot do much. For some strange reason, I seem to have some energy after Wednesday chemo and then the weekend hits and I crash. So this weekend, the family went out of […]

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Apr 21 2010

Great Hat and Chemo Today

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I am sitting at chemo right now. It is a great time to catch up. About a week ago, I mentioned my head sweating ( and btw, thanks to those who gave me comments ). I was at a local sporting goods store found a skull cap from Under Armour. This hat is designed to […]

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