Nov 14 2022

November 14, 2022

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Things are going in the right direction. I had a PET scan late September 2022. I finally went over the results early October at my next chemo session. The results showed that there is no detectible caner in my liver, AMEN! I think he Doctor was a little shocked. All the patients that he had on the drug I am currently on, had passed away (as of the time I started on this current drug). He did note that that does not mean there is actually no cancer in the liver but that it is not detectible. My Cancer Antigen numbers just hit the 97 mark. Normal is under 38. I was at around 2700 earlier this year (the highest ever for me).

I am feeling better but do get tired after chemo. My next chemo is Wed, 11-16-22. I recently had a heart test to make sure I can continue chemo. It is a rule for this drug that I have one ever six months and many chemo can effect the heart.

Late September I started having a lot of never pains and aching in my right leg. The one that has the hole in it and the knee replacement. I am on several pain killer’s to this day. Not sure why I have the nerve pain. It could be due to the doctors at the wound center digging around in it when they clean it out and/or from the chemo as it can cause nerve issues. The chemo Paxol from last summer also can cause nerve issues. Sometimes I have to use my cane. If I am having a good day then I won’t uses it. The pain varies from throbbing in different parts of the leg to sharp pain like being stabbed with a knife in several places or being stabbed with several needles. I hope I can get off the pain killer’s soon.

Last week I got back from visiting with my parents in Hilton Head at their time share. My mother had pain in her back for the week and at the end of the week she ended up at the ER. She was diagnosed with a mass/tumor on her kidney and metastases in her lungs. After she got home she had gone to the ER again, since the pain was so bad. They kept her in for more testing and did a biopsy on her lungs. She is to get the results back today after going over them with her oncologist. If you are praying for me, please add her to your list. Our family has a lot of unknowns as of today. Hopefully I will know more this evening.

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