Aug 22 2022

August 22, 2022

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It has been long time since posting. I have been having chemo every three weeks, since my last post. My cancer antigen numbers and others have gone down since then which is every encouraging. I treasure that people that are praying for me. Thank you so much! The prayers are being heard. In recent treatments, my doses have had to be reduced down 70% because my platelets are taking a hit. They were down to 47 this round but they opted to still treat me. If things keep going down, I may have to skip a week (which doc said would ok at some point or get a platelet transfusion).

Every so often I have a PET scan. My last one was in June 2022. My liver looked so amazingly better on the PET scan. I did have some additional METS slightly in my left hip and right shoulder. I am hoping that it got worse and now is getting better since my last PET was in Dec 2021. I will probably have another PET in September. If things would look super good, I may even be able to take a break just because or from being tired. That would be great !

Every Friday, I have been doing to the would center in Cranberry Twp, PA. My wound below my right knee is getting much better but it is slow going – partly due to being on chemo. Dr W is happy though. This past Friday 8-26-22, the area around my wound was red and hot – although the wound looked good. She then sent me to the ER in Fox Chapel, where most of my Doctors are. My infectious disease Dr came down to see me. He had just gotten off the phone with my bone oncologist at Shadyside Hospital. Dr W. is always so concerned to avoid in infection due to all the metal in my right leg due to the extended knee replacement. He does not want me to loose my leg. Dr J had me go right up to his office to get a dose of IV antibiotics right away after being discharged from the ER and having a bunch of tests. These were the same antibiotics I had in January and February this year after my muscle flap surgery. The redness went down the next day but my leg is still a bit hot. These IV antibiotics are suppose to be slow released over 2-4 weeks. With all this running around, I left the house at 8:20 am and got back at almost 5 pm while being at medical facilities all day and had no lunch.

I am grateful that I can still work. I do have to take short naps sometimes but that is good for everyone. My change in diet and supplements has really helped me deal with the side effects of the chemo. I will be doing my best to keep up with that. Below is my cancer antigen graph since February 2022 with the last reading for the CA being at 169. Normal is about 27-29. Last year after being on Paxol for three months – summer 2021, I was down to about 42. So these numbers are getting there. Hopefully the cancer does not mutate and the drugs can continue to work sucessfully or even better be totally cured!

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