Feb 15 2022

February 15, 2022

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Last Friday, 2-10-22, I visited my cancer Dr and got my first dose of my new chemo, Enhertu. Most times, I see him before treatments to discuss new info and follow up. He did mention that this drug they are using is the best out there. There are other treatments but this is the best. It has only been out there for a couple of years and he has only used is a few times at that office. It was recommenced my my breast cancer specialist who is on my medical team. So far I have been tired but not as much as January when I when I had two doses of drip antibiotics. Another thing to note that I may have said in the past is that the cancer gets smart and then the current drug often stops working because the cancer has found a way around the drug and mutates.

Dr. L, has informed me that the estimated time I have left is a year. Dr.’s though don’t really always know, that is just the estimate. Once you are discovered with Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) then the industry wide out of all breast cancer types ends up being 3 years. Many patients survive many more years than that. I will be 2 years from discovery in June of 2022.

Also, went to my plastic surgeon/wound Dr in Cranberry on Friday 2-11-22, She said the surgery/muscle flap, to close the hole on my leg, is not working so well. Some of the skin is dying. I go back Friday for her to look at again, and then they will be giving me a special treatment that is not covered by insurance but are doing for free as the center can order so much supplies if needed for a select amount of people that the office manager choose to use it on. She said I was definitely someone who she is approving to use it on. Bless God. It is some kind of sealant that I will keep on my leg for several days to aid in healing. After that I will have to have another surgery. The concern is the healing process as I am on chemo now.

Here are my numbers. My cancer Dr was very concerned about my numbers going up so fast from Dec to Jan and now they more than doubled in 3 weeks of as Thursday.

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