Jan 24 2023

January 24, 2023

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Friday my bone oncologist, Dr W, wanted to see me. So I was able to get an appointment for this morning. He thinks my wound is definitely infected. Although there is no confirmation from cultures or appearance, just leaking. He did not indicate that I needed to see my infectious disease Dr. Dr. W is doing everything he can to not have to amputate my leg. As long as I am still living, he wants me to have my own two legs as long as possible. He scheduled a surgery with Dr W, my wound Dr. He plans on cementing the top of my tibia to give me more time. It will be an antibiotic cement. I will be in the hospital at least a couple of days, but who really knows. He proceed to talk with his PA in the room showing her my x-rays and states that he has no idea how the heck my femur is holding together with the two wires and the bone grafts still. That comment could be good and bad. I guess Dr Goodman (who Dr W replaced after retirement) must have done a great job on the repair but nothing lasts forever.

On the way home, I did feel the need to call infectious disease Dr. They were kind enough to squeeze me in at another hospital that was on the way home. He, Dr J, got on the phone with my bone and wound Dr and had a big discussion while I waited. They are going to test me for pathogens during the surgery and do what they need to do. The infectious disease Dr wants to me stop my chronic doxycycline that I am on 2 weeks prior to surgery to get the best result for cultures testing as possible. I would not have known that if I did not stop in.

Tomorrow is my infusion for Herceptin and a visit with Dr. L, my oncologist. I finally got my second cancer pills late Friday but thought I should talk with Dr L before taking. So they are going to do blood work tomorrow to see if it is ok to start them. My platelets and white and red blood counts have been low. This week will make 4 Dr appointments unless any others get added.

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