Jan 02 2022

Jan 2, 2022

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Chemo is completed per my last post. Early November I had one of my maintenance treatments that are to help keep the cancer from growing as I mentioned previously. My CA numbers were down again. December 2, 2021, I had my next treatment. Due to Thanksgiving, it was pushed from 3 weeks to 4 weeks. My CA numbers went up about 130. Kind of shocking and my cancer doctor, Dr L, thought so too. Keep in mind this is a loose measurement of cancer. It does not always mean everything. But with the history of the consistency of the CA numbers going down again it was shocking.

On December 15th, I had my follow up PET scan and the findings were odd. Some things looked better, some the same and some worse. When I see Dr L, he will, go over things more specifically because due to some other things, I was only able to speak to him on the phone.

My hip is doing great. I can walk almost normal now.

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