Oct 05 2021

Tuesday, Oct 5, 2021

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Just checking in to give an update. September 16th had to be skipped due to intense cold flu like symptoms. No Covid though, after getting tested. The treatment plan was just pushed a week. Even though a week was skipped the CA did go down. The numbers are down close to a normal level. Amen. Again! Thank you for everyone’s prayers!

At my Dr visit last week, I told the Dr that my hip was still hurting somewhat so it must still be cracked a little. My bone Dr. from another facility, had said it would not heal very quickly due to chemo. My cancer Dr said due to low blood count that yes, that was the case. So then a light bulb when off. When I was on the immunotherapy Ibrance for the cancer just being in my bones, that drug/pill is also a form of chemo. This is why my leg was not healing since the fracture in Sept 2020 and I have been limping round for that long.

I am having more energy than normal (even though on chemo) than in the beginning of this 12 round process. Doc said that since the cancer is shrunk my Liver it will give me more energy. So that is a relief. One of the worst things for the last 1.5 years is the fatigue.

My last chemo is in two days. My hair should start to grow back I would think in a couple weeks after that. Not really sure. I have wigs for the fall and winter if I look goofy in the in between time.

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