Jul 29 2021

July 29, 2021

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Last time this year we hosted family for my daughter’s wedding. It was a great time. I had recently found out that I had cancer in my bones (pelvis and spine) and asked to start my pill and shot treatments after the wedding as I did not know what my response would be. Due to Covid we never ended up going on a trip for our 30th wedding anniversary of 7-28-20. It is ok though things could always be much worse. So yesterday was our 31st wedding anniversary. We just went to our local go to restaurant that is wonderful – Evolution Grille. They know us by name and customized dish! Did not want to go anywhere more than that since chemo #3 was today.

So today, at chemo, I conversed with some clients by text. The nurse took my blood and said my white count was low. It was low enough that they cut my chemo strength by a small amount. The nurse said if they did not, I may not be able to get my treatment next week and would have a delay. They also cut my steroids since I broke out with so much acne. Getting better but still looks back to me. When I brushed my hair this morning a big hunk came out. The soreness on the scalp was much better. Look out baldness is coming.

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