Aug 24 2010

Last Treatment on Aug 25th!

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I know have not been diligent about keeping up with my blog but I am excited to say that August 25th is my final day of radiation (number 36).   The first 28 days consisted of radiation on the whole left breast and under my left arm where the lymphnodes were removed.  My skin faired very well and is already healing from the redness.  I am having my 8th treatment of what they call a boost.  This is extra radiation focused on just the tumor site.  I will still have to deal with some redness there.  All is ok so far.  Strangly enough some of the radiation from the first set actually came through to the back side of my shoulder.  It kind of turned to tan.  Atleast it does not hurt.  This whole process has only produced redness and fatigue a far cry from chemo.  Chemo not fun so I am grateful that  is over.

I had to aply “Aquaphor” on the radiated area 2-3 times a day and will have to do so for two weeks after treatment ends.  I had to wear sunscreen on any areas that were exposed such as my neck.  They needed to radiate the lymphnodes that go up my neck in case the cancer may have spread there.

Thank you all that have emailed me notes, shared stories your stories, offered help, drove my kids around, sent me cards and gifts, and most of all prayed for me. 

You know it is great because somethings things happened during this journey and the one before too where I knew the only way something was going a certain way was because of those prayers I knew were coming my way.   I really think I could feel them and I know they made all the difference.

Also, I recently found out that I should not be drinking soy products due to the type of cancer tumor.  This is somewhat unfortunate because I am lactose intolerant and had found all my milk substitues in soy.  I was sharing this with someone I recently caught up with that I worked with years ago and she was the one who pointed this out.  I check with my doctor and my doctor agreed.  I am going to miss my tofu cuties.  To me they taste just like a regular ice cream sandwiches.  I can also try almond milk, or rice milk the doctor said.  Rice milk is pretty watery.

So this associate told me that she had that same exact problems with diary.  Interestingly, she was able to drink raw milk.  She gave me a “jug” to try it and no problems.  I was amazed.  She gets it at a special farm up north to where we live that has extremely high standards for processing.  I say “jug” because she gets her milk bottled in 1/2 gallon beer jugs since you have to bring your own container. . . . So the reason that this is easier to digest is because there is lactase in the unpasturized milk that helps you digest the lactose among other things.    . . .

I would love to hear how any of you who may be lactose intolerant deal with it.  It would be neat to try and make ice cream with this milk.  I would just ecstatic if I could eat it.

If I can ever be of help or encouragement to you or someone you know that has cancer let me know.  I would be happy to pray for you or even talk to you.

I will be putting up some additional photos from my recent shoot that I particpated in for a special cancer project.    Goodnight . . . . 🙂

PS  Here is a photo from a recent photo shoot that I participated in for cancer patients.  I will be writing more about that tomorrow.

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  1. marnijillon 26 Aug 2010 at 11:47 am

    So glad to hear that you are done and made it through radiation with no problems.

    You look beautiful. Love the picture and look forward to reading about the photo shoot.

    Stay well,

    btw…have you thought of trying coconut milk to make ice cream? I have had it in allergen-free baked goods (yum) and yougurt (ick). I’ve never tried it in ice cream, but I’ve seen it used.

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