Jul 06 2010

Back From Radiation

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The treatment only lasted about 5 minutes. The technicians put you in your calculated position and you have to stay perfectly still. The x-ray machine moved in three positions and shot the rays. The machine shot at both surgical sites and on my neck at the top of where my lymphnodes extend to. So much better than chemo but I have the high possibility of getting very burned and toughening up like leather. Everyone’s body reacts differently. It is extremely important for me to wear sun screen if I go out and am wearing a tank top.

I was fortunate the first time I had cancer in 2005-2006 that the chemo did not bother my finger nails. This time it is a bit different. Not until I was finished with chemo on May 12 did my nails turn yellow and break off very easily and sometimes too far down my finger. Another strange thing is some of the nails of ridges in them, probably a ridge for each round of chemo. It is going to take about 6-9 months for them to grow out back to normal. Until then I will have to get some nail polish out.

I should be in good shape by fall, I should have my nails in better shape, radiation should be done and the burns gone, and a decent amount of hair back. 🙂 Something to look forward to . . . .

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  1. gurbanekon 16 Jul 2010 at 2:38 pm

    Glad to hear the radiation is going well so far. Keep wearing the sunscreen when outside. If you need some bottles i am sure Gretchen will let u have some as she has lots and lots of bottles of sunscreen for her ‘children’ when they are out in the baby pool. LOL

    Again take care of yourself, PLEASE.

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